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Counsellor  -  Mediator

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I'm a counsellor, marriage & family therapist,  mediator and co-parenting coordinator working at St. John's Cathedral Counselling Service.  My training is in marriage and family therapy and in family mediation. I believe that "there is no therapy, only change" *, and that "Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced" **. My vision is to improve quality of life, through better individual and interpersonal psychological functioning, and through connections with self, significant relationships and our socio-cultural environment. My mission is "to empower the human spirit towards greater awareness in making choices for growth and well-being".


I work with individuals, couples, families and any combination of people in relationship with each other. My practice integrates various modalities and methodologies that I have, and will continue to, learn and experience. My philosophical orientation is social constructionist in my way of being with clients.

My mission in psychotherapy is to empower the human spirit towards greater awareness in making choices for growth and well-being.

* Sharon Loeschen

** Søren Kierkegaard


2015 - Now

Counselor & Family Mediator

HK Polytechnic University & St. John's Cathedral Counselling Service

I did my training at the HK Polytechnic University Family Therapy internship program followed by full time practice as a counsellor at St. John's where I see individuals, couples and families.

HK Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association

I have acted in various roles in the BGCA over the years in its various operations management and governance committees. I was also its honorary legal advisor until mid-2018

Michael Cheuk, Wong & Kee

I started practicing law in Woo, Kwan, Lee & Lo. Over the years, I had short stints in the private sector before joining MCWK. I retired as partner and continued as a consultant .

2011 - Now

Family Mediator

1983 - Now


1999 - 2018

NGO volunteer


HK Polytechnic University

Master of Arts in Social Work (Family Centred Practice & Family Therapy),  Deans List






Parent Coordination

The Cooperative Parenting Institute USA

Parent Coordination Training Program


Family Mediation

Academy of Law

Family Mediation Training Basic to Advanced Course


General Mediation

Law Society of HK

Personal Injuries and Commercial Dispute Mediation



University of HK

Bachelor of Laws and Postgraduate Certificate in Laws

What People Say

“I couldn't fault Mathew. He was very professional and supportive."

"Relationship-wise things are much better. I believe the best thing for us was our visits together with you and it helped us become better communicators with one another."

“I appreciate your presence and conscious effort in guiding the dialogue and helping me explore my past, find the threads of my personality and growth, and envision/ have more control(mastery) over my future."

“I just want to express my immence gratitude for all your efforts and time spending on our case."

“I still remembered how desperate I was when I first met you. I am really glad that I have learnt how to see things in different and better perspectives from you. I  believe that has changed my life already."

My heartfelt gratitude for your sharing with me, and providing me space for speaking out and expressing my inner self, and offering me more perspectives on every single emotion and thought I encountered with anxiety, frustration, anger and fear. There was precious time which enabled to me to have higher grip on my personaltiy and mindset.

What People Say
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